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Barton Springs

I need to go back here already! There was so much we didn’t explore and it’s a place that will keep on giving.

We visited Barton Springs and it did not disappoint. We stumbled across some gorgeous streams sheltered by large trees. We were surrounded by huge hills and green space it really was the perfect adventure. There are plenty of walks here, you can walk the hills or through the forest and there are quite a few streams and stepping stones to enjoy.

The main springs are down steep steps or down long slopes. I took the double buggy which fits though most front doors. It went through the first gate and not the second so we had to lift the buggy over. Not ideal. A single buggy would possibly fit.

It’s also going to get a little slippy down some of the springs banks. This is all pretty obvious but I thought I’d mention it.


We parked on Church Street and walked right to the very top and through a gate. We carried on walking straight. Go over a wide metal bridge to the right about half way up and carry on heading straight for the bottom of the hill so you’d turn right around the path. This way you’ll get to the springs down a nice slope.

If you carried on walking straight without walking to the right over a bridge you will have to walk down the steep steps as photographed. This is the way we did it and again, carried the buggy down the steps. If we walked the other way it would have been easier. To get to the springs is about a 40 min walk.

I wouldn’t have a managed alone due to to buggy but it was absolutely brilliant. Children, adults and dogs will love it!

The postcode is MK45 4LA. Be mindful where you leave your car as there is no set parking on Church street. Also there aren’t facilities like toilets.

There are no facilities here.

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