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Bow Brickhill Wood Swing

Walking in the wood is my favourite thing to do but when we stumble across a rope swing, well it's even better.

We had an absolute blast today. We took a flask of Hot Chocolate, snacks and put on our wellies and headed to a new part of my favourite wood. We had a great adventure which didn't disappoint.

I'll keep it short as lets face it, you're all here for the postcode!

We drove up Church Road which is a steep hill and you'll spot a small carpark just off of the road. You'll spot the church and this is the location. The carpark, if coming from the village is on your right and its essentially a large dirt layby.

Once out the car walk towards the church and down the left hand side footpath. Keep walking until you get two options, left or straight on. Go through the barrier and walk right, its a slight bump up hill so may have to lift your pushchair over the hump. No bikes allowed.

Keep walking straight, which is the only option. Once in an open space in the wooded area, with the golf course on your left, look right and you'll spot the swing. There are a couple along to the right but they were for older kids as they hung over a little height.

Explore to your hearts content (sticking to the footpath routes of course). If you want more of a walk after the swing, go back to walking all the way straight and you'll enter a wooded area. Enjoy!

Postcode MK17 9LQ


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