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Brook Stables Toddler Pony Ride

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

What a brilliant surprise for Daisy who’s 2.5 years old.

Since we went on a 5 minute Pony Ride at a Pumpkin Patch back in October, Daisys been asking me to ride a Pony again. So I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect place ever since.


When Daisy went on her first Pony at the Pumpkin Patch she had an absolute melt down about wearing a helmet. She loves her scooter helmet but I don’t think she really understood why she needed to wear it to ride or that it was just the same as her helmet at home.


After a good 15 minutes of begging me to go on the horse and me trying to explain she needed to wear a helmet, she decided it was ok. She places the helmet on and gets on the Pony and that was it, she loved it, the smile on her face was a picture.

Due to this I was a little cautious of taking her for a proper ride.


I found a place that takes children over 2 years old out for a private ride though the woods. This appealed to me more than a Pony Club where it’s a group session purely because I didn’t want to put added pressure on Daisy. Lessons don’t tend to start until 3 years old which is good as I want Daisy to just enjoy the experience.


I contacted Brook Stables in Bedfordshire and they couldn’t have been more helpful. The stables is located next to Woburn Centre Parks. They had just switched to an electronic booking system which I couldn’t figure out how to work, so I asked for assistance and they got us booked straight away.


Upon booking I needed to provide Daisys age, weight and height. And any previous experiences with horses.

The 30 minute Pony ride through the forest cost £23.50.


On arrival we went to the Reception building and filled in a form with my details on.


He told Daisy which Pony she would be riding, his name and what colour he was. And advised me to pop Daisy’s gloves on in case she got cold hands, which I had handy.

We then went to meet Cole our lovely white Pony. And Lilly who was taking us out. I lifted Daisy onto Cole and Lilly made sure everything was in order.

I was so proud of Daisy, she was instantly happy and loved it. I was put at ease that if she wasn’t ‘ok’ then that was fine too. It was very relaxed.

Into the Woods we went and the walk took around 30 minutes. Wear Wellies as of course in this wet and cold weather it’s going to be muddy.

Once back at the Stables Daisy stroked Cole goodbye and we went in to pay. You can’t currently pay by card however it should be coming soon to their new online booking system.


Absolutely. Honestly, from start to finish we thoroughly enjoyed it. It is expensive of course, but we will be booking again. I would love to take Daisy once a month.



Forefield Road, Millbrook, Bedford. MK45 2HZ.

Open 7 days a week,

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

Saturday – Sunday 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Check out their website here.

Also have a little look at their Facebook page for events and offers.


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