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Brooklands Meadow Park

Updated: May 27, 2022

This is such a great park for toddlers for more reasons than just a good climbing frame.

This park is also educational in my opinion. Daisy, 20 months old is learning to talk and this park is brilliant for learning outside. I was telling Daisy to look at the blue ball or the purple ball and she was copying me. There are also about 10 wooden animals you can find and talk about. Fishes carved into the benches, a bee by the wooden tunnel, an owl watching over the park, honestly it’s brilliant.

You will also find a tunnel and tunnel made from trees. It's tiny climbing frame is fab for little ones and helping them to learn to climb. It has small wooden steps and also rope too. There is only one baby swing.

If you’ve been to this park before you may remember they had a large sandpit but that’s since been replaced with a round seating area.

Edit - Daisy is now 3.5 years old and we revisited the park. She loved it. She was able to climb the large climbing frame and go down the bumpy slide. She also enjoyed the bucket swing and she liked the rocking wooden ship. Still a fab park in our opinion. We also took along Marlie almost 8 months old, she enjoyed standing and using the balls to help her balance.

Use post code MK10 7FQ and find a parking space where you can but be mindful it's a residential area.


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