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Cote D'Argent Eurocamp review

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

''I thought it was the best holiday I’ve had with my girls''

I was lucky enough to visit Cote D'Argent recently and have our first experience of Eurocamp. Eurocamp only came on my radar a few years ago when my friend travelled around France Camping and since then it really fascinated me.

This trip is in collaboration with Best Child Friendly Holidays who has a website jam packed with handpicked holidays for children and families. I was sent on this trip to report back and let you know what it's like and if it was good enough to make her website 'spoiler alert' it most definitely did! It's nice to note that Emma is a one man band and manages her successful website herself so if you book directly though her website you will be helping a small business and a lovely person and mother.

Why I chose Cote D'Argent Campsite

I was given free rein to choose a destination and Eurocamp, campsite, this was a hard task as there are so many options all over Europe. I thought it was important to let you know how I chose it and what I may look at next time and why it's so important to check websites like Emma's so you don't have to do such detailed research as she does it for you.

I chose it based on its baby and toddler friendly rating. At the time when we booked it, I was pregnant with my second child but we didn't actually end up going until she was 2.5 years old due to covid. When we were originally meant to go, she would of been almost 6 months old.

The reason I chose this site was the beach and the distance from the beach plus the fact there is a little town to stroll through and visit. For some reason I have to be close to a beach on every holiday, I just adore it. Next up was that it’s a quiet 5 star resort situated in a Pine forest - dreamy. They have highchairs, cots, baby change and baby baths. There are playgrounds and various pools suitable for children and babies/toddlers.

What would I consider next time?

Cost of the transfer from the airport. Lots of people assumed that the distance of these resorts were so far from the airport, this isn't true or wasn't for us.

It was an hours drive but it did cost €370 for a return trip which is a huge cost on top of your holiday and food. We didn't look at costs years ago when we booked so I am unsure if this is due to inflation or if its standard out there. We booked via Sun Transfers.

Facilities and Pools

There are two pools, a pool with a roof that retracts open, a baby pool which circles a playground, a pool with slides going into it and a Pirate Splash Park. The splash park was incredible, I loved it but my daughter preferred the slides that splashed into the deeper pool, she was in her element with her armbands on going again and again.

To access the pool you have to remove your shoes and place them on the shelves and then walk through some treated water for hygiene – this is mandatory and I through that was great for cleanliness. The entire pool was enclosed and the gate had a high push button so your children were kept safe and could only be accessed by taller older kids and adults. I wish parks had this system in the uk as my daughter at age 2 can open our gates!

SPEEDOS!! Yes I put that in capitals. I cannot tell you the amount of people who said they can’t visit France due the rules on speedos. I totally understand your worries and yes all men had to wear speedos but they aren’t the budgie smugglers you may expect. You can get shorts that are tight, even ones that look like cycling shorts. It’s for hygiene and most men wore baggy shorts into the pool area and removed them when they got in the pool. No one looked silly or strange and I didn’t notice.

I have heard it's not the rules on all campsites across France..


We stayed in a 3 bedroom Azure static home with aircon. It had a double bedroom with a queen size bed and 2 twin bedrooms. The beds seemed slightly slimmer than singles. We could have had one swapped with a cot/s but my girls both sleep in beds. We had a kitchen with oven grill, gas hob, microwave and full sized fridge/freezer and a modern power shower. We also had a balcony with table chairs and sunbeds.

The Azure plus has a dishwasher and bunk beds.

Both Azure options you have to buy add ons for towels and bedding and make your own beds.

The Aspect has a large balcony to double your living space and large living room plus all bed and towels are included and all beds made up for your arrival.

Most of the above have aircon, check when booking. There are smaller set ups too. If I was to stay again, I would book the Aspect with the large living space and my girls would probably like the bunkbeds.

Our static home was very clean and I was very happy with it. I probably would have liked a dishwasher as we are on holiday but it didn’t bother me at all. We actually did spend a lot of time at the home as it was very hot and we stayed up really late (I will go into more detail on that soon) so we spent time relaxing and resting during peak sun hours. We didn’t have a tv but the Aspect has a dvd player and tv.

I received reports that some of the accommodation across Eurocamps are old and dirty, we didn’t have that experience although the staff did say they are getting rid of the old homes at this particular campsite.

You can camp here too but u have no experience with this.

Was Eurocamp clean?

I can faithfully and honestly say I didn’t notice anything the entire time that was unclean or unhygienic. We used the main toilets and shower areas by the pool, which are for campers too and they were spotless. They were always being cleaned and they even had toilets for toddlers and sinks for them too plus showers with half doors so the parents could keep a close eye on their kids and not have to shower with them.

Entertainment and Kids Club

The Entertainment was outstanding but it didn’t start until 9:30pm and finished at around 11pm. Weirdly my kids stayed up (2 and 5) and it wasn’t an issue at all. We had discos and actual theatre shows which actually made me emotional as they were 10/10 so great and my kids and the entire camp were enthralled and mesmerised.

The kids club started at age 6 and this is because its not a Eurocamp kids club. Do check out Best Child Friendly Holidays as she knows all about the kids clubs and entertainment.

We didn’t experience any other entertainment but we did our own thing. I like that it wasn’t in your face all day but some prefer more things going on.

Play areas

There was a large volley ball area, and 3 play areas plus the play area in the pool area. Some of the play areas got very hot during the day – I mean it’s a given but wanted to mention it. They were slightly sheltered by trees but not all. My girls loved playing at these at night time.

Shops, restaurants and town

There was a grocery store on site with cheaper prices than here in England. For example, fresh bread 1 euro. It was around a pound cheaper in my experience. It sold everything you might need. We bought fresh bread and croissants daily and snacked on hummus, crisps, meats and cheeses.

There was a fantastic restaurant on site as well the food was lovely and portion sizes huge, it was around 14-17 euro per main adults meal.

There were lots of restaurants, ice cream places, dessert places, cafes, green grocers and a few quiet bars in the town which was on the way to the beach, 5 min walk. The town also had bike hire and some clothes and souvenir shops, its also a big Surf town.

The town had a funfair ride as well.

The Beach

The beach was absolutely breath taking and the most stunning spot for a sunset. It is a big surf beach and has the hugest most stunning sand dunes too. It is very impressive.

The lifeguards take their job super serious and only allow a small space for swimming, they are very strict and move the swim zone as and when the ocean requires it. Not something I’ve seen on holiday before.

Top Tips

Hiring a car was more expensive than the transfer but I do think in hindsight it would have been nice to have. I wouldn’t have taken the Ferry and drove but it Is was option, I would have picked the car up from the airport and then and it for a week and drove it back.

Take a small fold up scooter as the trip from our particular static home was a 5-8 min walk to the pool and back. The kids were fine but they would have enjoyed having their scooters and they wouldn’t have taken much room in our cases.

Pack food in your cases to save money. I took dried pasta and my kids fave pesto, we also took cereal, I wish id of packed more to save even more pennies as we ate out every night which did get pretty costly.


I didn't see any places that catered toward allergies or vegan food. I also needed a pharmacy (eczema) while there and I didn't spot one.

Would I go again?

Absolutely, I thought it was the best holiday I’ve had with my girls, it was peaceful and stunning and a grown-up holiday while somehow being incredible for the children at the same time. SO many people messaged me saying they were the happiest memories from childhood and now I can see why.

Children were riding their bikes around the site, my daughters made friends nearly every day even though they don’t speak any other language, it was friendly and safe. I honestly absolutely loved it.

Cost minus flights / transfer and food

For the exact same dates as we went but in 2023, July 9th for 7 nights, and the exact same accommodation for 4 people it will cost £1678.70 that’s with Best Child Friendly 30% discount. I believe more discounts are added around January but you risk not getting the site or accommodation you want.

The same holiday at the very end of June is £935.20

I took my daughter out of school to visit and I have absolutely no regrets. Both my girls learnt lots of French, experienced a different culture, had an absolute blast.

Remember, if you'd like to book head to Best Child Friendly Holidays.


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