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Coton Manor Gardens and Flamingo

We visited Coton Manor and it did not disappoint. It’s a great place to go and even my parents went a few days later.

This blog was written under social distancing rules during lockdown in June 2020. So things may change.


£8 per adult and £3 for a child over 5. It’s open everyday except Monday from 12pm until 5:30pm.


There are toilets and a cafe. The cafe sold freshly made sandwiches, sausage rolls, cakes and drinks. We ordered via one hatch and collected at another. I assume they have seating usually but given the circumstances there was none.

There is a free car park which you have to walk down steps to get to the Manor. We had our buggies so had to walk down the road, not ideal and therefore I'd say it’s not buggy or wheelchair friendly. We ended up leaving our buggy's by the entrance.


The grounds are absolutely stunning and the house its self is beautiful. There was also a nursery selling plants and flowers. There are many gardens, streams, water features and a pond with Flamingos, we even spotted some pigs by the first woodland trail. There is also a forest which is known for its bluebells when in season.

We spotted many free roaming Chickens and various varieties of Ducks. By the pond were the Flamingos, two out of the water who roam the grounds and some which stay in the water. It was very very impressive and pretty amazing to see them so closely.

We took the children into the meadow out the back with paths woven between the overgrown grass and wildflowers. In the field out the back were Cows. We then walked back through the forest where the children enjoyed climbing over fallen branches and weaving between the trees.


It’s located in Northamptonshire and took me around an hour from Newport Pagnell.

Use postcode NN6 8RG


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