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Dragon Park Great Linford

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

We visited this park a few days ago in Great Linford. Daisy’s a fan of a trampoline at the moment and this had one – bonus!

Someone asked me if there were any parks without swings before, well this does have child and toddler swings but they’re at the top of the hill, so easily forgotten when you’re on the climbing frame or slide as they’re out of sight. As well as a trampoline and swings they also have a climbing frame, basketball court, rope climbing frame, two cool slides, animals and numbers for learning, speakers you can talk though and see saw.

The large slide was too bumpy for Daisy to go down alone, we finally found a slide that I wouldn’t send her on her own! It had a bump at the top and the sides are quite shallow but she loved going on my lap and we had fun on it together.

With the right directions this park is easy to find otherwise It’s fairly hidden. I parked by the Primary School on St Leger Drive MK14 5BL.

Look at the school with the co-op and shops behind you, on the right of the school is an alley way (photographed) walk down here. As soon as you start walking down you’ll see the basketball yellow bars peeking through the bushes. There is another walk way on your left and the park is there. It’s spread out on a hill.

(Uploading in 2020 but visited May 2019 when Daisy just turned 2 years)


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