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Flowers Play Park Bletchley

Updated: May 27, 2022

We went to the new park in Bletchley next to Bletchley Park and it was great. I’ll deduct points for it not being enclosed but it was really good fun!

⭐ Interactive equipment meant it’s great for all ages even young toddlers or those in wheelchairs. I feel it would be great for wheelchair uses or as great as it gets in Mk Unfortunately. But there was an inclusive roundabout and the interactive toys you can get right up close in a wheelchair.

There were also lots of games on the floor like hopscotch and it had bright colours to keep it looking fun.

There were big children there too which means they must enjoy the equipment.

- Three slides

- dual swing

- toddler friendly steps on one climbing frame

- Trampoline

It is a residential area so no parking. Be mindful of where you leave your car. MK3 6GX


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