Free Outside Places with Facilities

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I know how hard it can be to get out the house and I know how important it is for some parents to be able to grab a coffee, snack or have somewhere to feed or change your child. Not to mention a toilet for me who drinks water like a fish. I’m always cutting our adventures short just because I need to go home for a wee!

My top tips for actually leaving the house are

  1. Plan where you’re going the day before and invite a friend if this helps.

  2. Prep the night before. Prepare a packed lunch, clean the living room, wash your hair, get fuel – whatever makes it easier for you the next morning. These are all reasons I’ve stayed in before.

  3. Tell yourself you will feel better for it.

  4. Have someone you can message if you feel anxious or nervous about going out.

  5. Enjoy yourself!

To make it that bit easier for you, I’ve compiled a list below of all the places we have been with facilities that are FREE minus a couple of pounds parking. I will link each place to my blog post for more details and photos plus I’ll be amending this post each time I discover somewhere new.

Willen Lake

  1. Toilets, Cafe, Pub

  2. Two lakes to walk around with play equipment along the way

  3. 3 parks

  4. Splash Park in Summer

  5. Dogs welcome but not in the parks


Amptill Park

  1. Toilets, Cafe

  2. Forest Walk

  3. Enclosed large park

  4. Free Parking

  5. Dogs welcome but not in the park


Howe Park Wood

  1. Toilets, Cafe

  2. Small park (pictured)

  3. Forest walks and Duck pond

  4. Free parking

  5. Dogs welcome everywhere


Emberton Country Park

  1. Toilets, Cafe

  2. Three Parks including one with sand

  3. Large lake with ducks and other wildlife

  4. Dogs welcome but not in the parks


Rushmere Country Park

  1. Toilets, Cafe

  2. Toddler enclosed park

  3. Big slide

  4. Forest walk with Fairy doors and wooden sculptures

  5. Dogs welcome but not in the parks


Irchester Country Park

  1. Toilets, Cafe

  2. Huge enclosed park

  3. Forest walk with wooden sculptures

  4. Dogs welcome but not in the park


Stanwick Lakes

  1. Toilets, Cafe, bike hire

  2. Three climbing frames

  3. Water and sand areas

  4. Huge slides

  5. Lakeside walks

  6. Dogs welcome but not in the park


Wendover Woods

  1. Toilets, Cafe

  2. Activity Trail in the Woods

  3. Gruffalo Trail

  4. Zog Trail

  5. Small park

  6. Dogs welcome everywhere


You can find lots of videos and photos on my Instagram.

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