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Green Dragon Eco Farm

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Daisy and I visited the Green Dragon Eco Farm this week. I’ve been meaning to go for ages as they have a lot of rare breeds there.

We also visited ‘Farmer’ Christmas Land as well so I’ll break this blog down into two parts.


Green Dragon Eco Farm is located in Buckingham and it took me around 40 minutes to get there from Newport Pagnell. There’s lots of parking and tickets aren’t too pricey.

4th November 2019 – 14th February 2020

Adult £9.50 – Child 2-15 £8.50

15th February 2020 – 1st November 2020

Adult £10.50 – Child £9.50

Check out their website here for more details on pricing and annual passes.

Unlike most Farms the Green Dragon Eco Farm is open 7 days a week and only closes Christmas day, Boxing day and New Years day. Winter opening is from 10am – 4:30pm unfortunately I can’t see their summer opening so visit the website next year!


We couldn’t stop and play for long as we were off to visit Farmer Christmas but the outside play area looks epic. Daisy would love it. There is an under 5s climbing frame and an over 5s. And a giant bouncy pillow. I will say though that there isn’t much for pre-walkers or unsteady walkers. The under 5s climbing frame was challenging for Daisy who’s 2.5.

They also had two tracks with ride along toy vehicles and go karts.

There is an indoor play area but as you’ll know, we don’t visit those!


We’re going to need to do another visit as we didn’t even get around half of the farm. But what we did see was impressive and different to some other farms. Firstly we visited the Pets corner where we saw a Bearded Dragon, Gerbil, Cockroaches and a Snake being fed. We also saw some rather large Chickens, a giant Rabbit and a Skunk.

We fed the Goats and stroked the sheep. There was also Rats, Cows, Pigs and Guinea Pigs.

In the fields roaming were Ponies, Donkeys and a herd of Reindeer. I’ve never seen Reindeer before and so we both found these fascinating. Be careful though, they’re feisty! Daisy got too close to the fence and the Reindeer stamped his foot at her,  I guess he was a male and maybe felt threatened. Still beautiful none the less.

Our favourtie was the free flying bird show. The man who hosted the show was so knowledgeable. We got to see a Kestrel, Barn Owl and another large Owl. It was so funny because the Barn Owl stole the mans hat and he never got it back. The children found this so funny.

The animals and birds that we missed which I would love to see next time are, Golden Eagle, Red Squirrel, Silver Fox and Eurasian Lynx.

Like I mentioned, we didn’t even see half of the animals so click here to see what they have at the Farm.


I booked this experience for Daisy as I knew she would love to see Father Christmas and see his Reindeer. I paid £11.95 for Daisy and you can take 2 adults for free. I also gained 50% off our farm entrance by booking to Farmer Christmas Land.

Firstly may I mention that this experience is in a barn and so its still very cold. I’m sure its pretty obvious to wrap up warm but thought I’d mention just in case.

Once inside the barn the Children could search in the fake snow for golden coins which were given to the elves in return for Reindeer food. There was no rush and children could take as long as they wanted. We exchanged the coin for the food and attempted to give it to the Reindeer. They didn’t want any but it was still amazing to see the enchanted animals up close again.

Then we walked through some real Christmas trees to some little tables where the children could decorate a cardboard star. Daisy really enjoyed this and took ages pouring glitter and glue on her master piece.

Next stop was to make Reindeer food to take home. Daisy was given a little paper bag and she had to fill with different foods from Oats, to Magic Flying Dust. Daisy’s so independent she loved this. She was using the little wooden spoons and making her mixture. The elf then gave her a sticker to seal her bag.

Then it was time for SANTA! Daisy was so exited. Santa was inside his Tractor. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and was chatting to her. She was a little shy, as to be expected. One tiny little comment bugged me though, he said, ‘can you say anything other than, yea’. Anyway, Daisy was so happy after we left and kept saying, Santa gave her a present. Her gift was a book. We were also given two tokens to use in the Cafe where we were given a Ginger Bread Man for Daisy and a miniature Mince Pie for the adult, we were also offered non-alcoholic mulled juice.


For the price absolutely. I think it was brilliant and Daisy really enjoyed it. She’s 2.5 so I can’t really comment on how older children would find it. All the Elf’s were very chirpy and played their roles very well which was lovely. I thought it was brilliant that you only pay for the child and also the half price entrance to the Farm was an absolute winner. Total cost of my day was under £23 for us both.

Tickets are limited so book NOW if you want to visit Farmer Christmas. Its on until 24th December.


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