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Guest Blog. Toxic marriage and new beginnings.

I have recently decided to take voluntary redundancy from my job as a Flight Planner for an Airline which once was my ‘dream’ career and one that I was doing really well in. I’d had a promotion since having my first baby and even published my own inspirational story for a local newspaper. I’m back to feeling like I’m at square one again while on maternity leave and wondering how my future will be. I’m determined to follow my dreams for the first time and if anyone can make me feel like it’s possible it’s this lady.

She’s followed my page for a while now and decided to share her inspirational story of success with us all. This lady hasn’t had an easy ride and the following only scratches the surface of what she’s been through but I think you’ll agree it’s an incredible and emotional journey. She’s a strong courageous women and mother.

Her story below. My parents pushed me to study engineering as that was the only course they offered to pay for! I reluctantly took it as the other option was getting married.  I am quite good at breaking things so a professor of mine suggested I take up testing as opposed to being a developer, so I became a tester. The year after I graduated, I was married off and sent to UK. I was in a toxic marriage for 6 yrs and wasn't allowed to move forward with promotions or better roles. When little one was born, I decided to walk out of the house while I was on maternity leave. I had £100 in my bank account. I moved from Devon to Buckinghamshire just with little one and his diaper bag! My family supported me for two months till I resumed working.

My company was supportive and so I went on to work again when little one turned 1. He was in full time nursery. I struggled to juggle. But eventually we both knew this is how things are meant to be, brought in a routine and hit it off very well. Then I was offered a role in my client company for something bigger than I dreamed of. Now I am a manager, I also own my own small business as well, we have our own house and everything I couldn't even dream of the day I walked out of my marital home! 

I felt my parents/ spouse were calling the shots for too long. It took time to rediscover myself but I got around to it! 

  1. It's never too late to dream or achieve. 

  2. Children are resilient, make them a part of your journey ! 

  3. When life throws shit at you, just plough through - something better is there on the other side!

  4. Keep positivity and supporters around you! Don't take heed of negativity. 


I’ll be publishing a series of guest blogs all from women who have switched career, found their dream job or has become self employed since becoming a Mother.

I wanted to highlight this subject because we can quite often feel lost after having a baby and feel like we need to start again. Sometimes we need or feel we need to work harder than others to succeed and I want to share encouragement and empower women that want to return to work or start something new.

If you have a story to share email


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