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Gulliver’s Land under 90cm

Updated: May 27, 2022

Hands up if you’ve always wanted to go to Gulliver’s Land but thought it would be too grown up for your young toddler? That was me! I often wondered what Gulliver’s Land was like and when Daisy would be old enough to go. And now I know, I’m going to tell you all! 

Daisy’s almost two years old and under 90cm. This is relevant because that’s below the height to go on most rides BUT we still managed to have an absolute blast and go on 8 rides and we missed a few! 

Once we got inside the park we headed straight for JCB world which was a hit, Daisy loves Diggers and she enjoyed going on an actual working digger! How cool. I was using the controls for her but she loved seeing the bucket to collect the balls. They had bumper cars, little JCB ride on cars, ones with peddles and ones without, great for different aged children.  

Gulliver’s Land is huge, it’s actually quite pretty too, with trees and flowers. There’s even a little enchanted forest with fairy doors, toad Stalls and wooden seats, it’s so cute and gives you a little bit of quiet. There is a sandpit which Daisy loved, she enjoys watching the sand fall through her fingers and filling up the buckets. There are a few climbing frames dotted about. The best one that we found which was fairly hidden and quiet was on the way up the ramp towards the Princess Play area. There was a climbing frame with 2 slides, Daisy and her little pals loved this and no one else was on it. 

We took a picnic to save money however there was a restaurant selling jacket potatoes, sandwiches and burgers a pizza restaurant, sweet shop, coffee shop selling Costa and a gift shop. 


We went on a mini Roller Coaster called The Crazy Mouse, The Tea Cups, a Car Ride with a great steering wheel up front, Gulliver’s Travel ride with a Giant all tied up, Daisy found this fascinating going round looking at the characters. Our favourites were the Giant Boots where you could control how high or low you went, this was fun, we kept pressing the button and bunny hopping up and down. Also we loved the super high ride The Whirwind, Daisy stepped off these two asking for more, little dare devil! We also went on a brilliant little water ride called The Jungle River where you could see Elephants, Flamingos, Hippo and more. 


There is so much to do and see, there are loads of rides that you have to be over 90cm however it doesn’t stop the fun and I found there was still plenty to do and see, I would re-visit. Young toddlers could enjoy the forest, sand pit, soft play, outside play equipment, mini rollar coasters,  water rides and play houses.


Adults and Children cost £18 if you pre book online 2 days prior, which is very expensive however you can spend the entire day here, we were here 5 hours and we didn’t see it all. Under 90cm are free which is brilliant. It’s not yet open everyday so please check the website first and book online to save some pennies!

Check out Gulliver’s Land website here. For videos have a look at my Instagram and facebook for more days out and outside inspiration.


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