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Hatton Adventure World

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Daisy and I visited Hatton Adventure World this week and it was absolutely brilliant. Even midweek and off season we spent 3 hours there. It’s just over an hour away from Milton Keynes, use postcode CV35 8XA. 


There is a shopping village before you enter the adventure world full of one of a kind shops and a few cafes, even a place to grab a Prosecco which I’ll definitely be doing next time! Under 2s are free and during half term it’s £9.95 for both adults and children if booked online.

There were lots of animals, Sheep, Goats, Shetland ponies, various varieties of Pigs & baby Piglets, Donkeys, Guinea pigs and Rabbits. The reptile centre was the best one I’ve been to and I love all things scaly. There were at least 8 snakes, loads of different Lizards, little Turtles, Spiders, I don’t even know what they all were but it was pretty cool.


We managed to get up close and personal with a lizard during one of the shows.

There was a JCB track with mini tractors and diggers from little toddlers like Daisy to older children. A large sandpit with wooden digger climbing frames and next to the duck pond there was a park with swings and tunnels. A huge falconry area including large Owls and Kestrels.


They have outside games such as dinosaur bowling, large chess board and snakes and ladders. They even have fair rides. Daisy was petrified off the little teacup ride we went on!

The list goes on so maybe go check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think.


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