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Haversham Park

We visited the park in Haversham today. We had a great time. It’s located in a quiet location within a large green space.

There was a mixture of old and new equipment. It wasn’t very ‘young toddler’ friendly but Daisy who’s just over 2.5yrs had a blast.

She loved the slide the most, mainly because it was wet and she went flying down it! The park is located next to a school and it took me a few minutes to realise all the children had flocked to the window to watch her!! Oops.

Her next fave was the swings of course and the obstacle course. She’s only just started to be able to navigate parts of obstacle courses. I love that the equipment challenges her and helps her to problem solve and learn to navigate her way around independently.

Dogs aren’t allowed near the play equipment and only allowed on the public footpath so really I wouldn’t advise taking your Dog.

I parked on the street and walked through a black gate located along side the schools car park. Use postcode MK19 7AN


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