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How I realised who I was again.

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Who am I is actually a real question I asked myself after I had Daisy. Having a child can bring back so many feelings and thoughts that you thought you’d chucked away and thrown away the key to. She’s made me revaluate my entire life. Because of her, I know who I am now and I know what I want. It was a real journey and one that took place mostly in my mind. Becoming a mother stripped some of my identity but gave me so much more in return.


I have been blessed with the best gift of all and I now know what’s important to me.

I’d love to take you on a brief journey of my life before Daisy up until present day, where I sit writing this blog 10 weeks away from expecting our second child.


Before I had Daisy many years ago when I was at school I had always dreamt of being a journalist. I had big dreams of writing and one day, this makes me laugh now, of interviewing Dizzie Racal! He was big when I was at school, you can tell what kind of child I was! Anyway, that dream didn’t happen and instead I went to College to study Beauty Therapy for two years, something I loved but never dreamt of doing, I suppose I just fell into it. I really enjoyed studying Beauty Therapy and Anatomy and Physiology and went on to work in Salons and Spas around Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire for around 6 years. I loved it but it just wasn’t for me anymore so I left, I carried on temping for a while covering shifts in spas doing 10 hours of massage a day before I left to work at Coventry Airport in their operations department. How did I manage to go from a pristine Beauty Therapist to working in an Airline ops room with all men most of whom were all ex RAF. I loved working there though after growing a thicker skin and getting used to hearing all the ‘lad’ banter and swearing.

Fast forward to being 22 years old and sick of my then supervisor behaving so up and down and sometimes being an absolutely vile human, I applied for a job at an Airline within the London Area. It was during a 12 hour night shift when he must have really peed me off. Anyway much to my delight I got the job and I’ve been there ever since, 6 years later. I am now a Flight Planner which means, in short that I plan and fix the routes the Pilots fly and I love it. It uses my brain, its very time critical, I’m under pressure a lot of the time and it can be a stressful environment, all things that I have grown to love. I love the drama and the buzz and at the end of my 12 hours shift, it’s all over and you start a fresh the next day. Meaning I always get to switch off by the time I’ve left the building.


As much as l love my job it didn’t stop the passion for writing that I have rooted deep inside my heart. I can’t even explain how much I love sharing and writing. Back in 2014 I started writing about makeup and beauty products. It was my way of escaping real life and I took great pride in taking quality photos of products, I’d spend ages making things look perfect and recommending products and tips. Makeup is still very much a love of mine but after my daughter Daisy was born 2.5 years ago I just didn’t have the time anymore to blog let alone wear makeup.


Anyway, we really enjoyed it and for Daisy’s entire weaning process from 6 months old, was all her feeding herself with not a puree or mash in site, it was so fascinating and in all honesty, I can’t wait to do it again.

I then started sharing our outside adventures just naturally on my own private Instagram and I used to get lots of questions about where we’d been. And it soon progressed.


Roll forward to January 2019 and I began sharing on a new public Instagram account. At the time it was called Jenny and Daisy’s days out and then it progressed to The Outdoors Mum.

I am hugely passionate about spending as much time outside with nature, in fresh air and for free. Apart from Baby Sensory and Swimming, I didn’t enjoy the indoor groups and I couldn’t always see the benefits of these sessions if I’m entirely honest. I had lots of Mummy friends and I saw Daisy progress outside so gloriously and I found I was so at ease and less stressed outside so it stuck. I never felt Daisy was missing out and she seemed such a natural explorer and loved climbing and running free. We were out in all-weather conditions very early on and her face was a picture. She loved touching the leaves and the trees as I pushed the buggy down the street. I used to slow down and stop and I’d speak to her about what we had seen. In the warmer months we’d sit somewhere like Emberton Country Park and take a few toys but also pick up twigs and stones to touch and explore. I’d show her the birds and the butterflies too and by the time she was walking nothing stopped us and we’ve hardly done any inside activities since.


I now have 3 platforms to spread the outside message.

I have also written for multiple local Magazines and have a regular column in Mum to Mum magazine where I share my recommendations for days out.


Well ultimately I’m Jenny but my number one priority is being a good mother and I’m happy with that. I feel through writing and sharing on The Outdoors Mum that I have taken back ownership of who I really am inside and that’s a writer. I love nothing more than helping others, I love nothing more than sharing my thoughts, my loneliness, my struggles but also my triumphs and parenting wins too. When I first started blogging I actually found it cringe to say I’m a blogger. This isn’t because I find blogging cringe but it’s because, for a while you’re sharing and writing and you’re not really sure who’s listening or who cares. But now I feel entirely different. My blog and social medias have a big purpose – they help me as a Mother to get things off my chest and all while helping you guys find the perfect park, place for a play date and inspiring lots of parents to venture outside more with my ‘no such thing as bad weather philosophy’.

So as much as I love my job that pays my bills, I’m happy that since having a child it’s no longer a goal of mine to be so highly career motivated. And finally when I’m not at work I can concentrate on the fire in my belly and writing like how I dreamt when I was 16 again.


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