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How to make a Bug Hotel

Updated: May 27, 2022

I had read an article on the RSPB website on how to make a

bug hotel so I started to gather items to make my own. I mentioned it to my Dad and a few days later he turns up at my door and dropped off a homemade bug hotel better than

I could have ever imagined!

Bug hotels are great for Bees, Insects, Spiders and all sorts of creatures and wildlife.

I will tell you how I was going to make my bug hotel but you're welcome to copy what my Dad made as well.

I was going to get an off cut of a wooden pallet and fill with the following.

- Dried Grass (we collected this from our local park after grass cutting)

- Broken Terracotta Pot

- Bamboo

- Sticks

- Dried Leaves

- Moss

- Bark

- Pine Cones

- Brick with holes

- Liner from a hanging basket

Instead I did the same but loaded it into my Dads Huge Bug Hotel.

It was super easy to fill and then a friend gave us some wire to nil onto the front and back but this isn't necessary.

Here's the article from RSPB.


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