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Knebworth House

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

We’ve visited Knebworth House twice now and both times we really enjoyed it. The first time Daisy was only just walking and I visited with my parents. It’s a great day out for all the family because it has so much to offer, from beautiful gardens and grounds to educational Dinosaur Trails to giant slides.

Even my parents enjoyed the Dinosaur Trail, its fun but full of facts with lots of interactive fun and a whopping 72 life sized Dinosaurs.

The Adventure Playground is awesome, they have a snack hut if you get peckish, loads of green space, Bouncy Castle, Huge slides, traditional play equipment and even some water play. Its brilliant fun and both times we experienced something new. You couldn’t drag me away from the slides in all honesty, it was so fun and having a child gives you the ultimate excuse to act like a big kid. We went on The big trio of slides and the tunnel slide, both with Daisy on mine or my partners lap.

The Adventure Playground and the House, Gardens and Dinosaurs are a far distance from each other however they have a free old fashioned red bus you can take between the two or you can drive. There is a restaurant and gift shop by the Gardens as well as toilets.

The Gardens are absolutely beautiful and the House is mesmerizing, I love how Gothic the house looks.

Opening times varies depending on the time of year so I’ll link the page here  so you can check if its open.

Prices for Adults are £10-£14 including house. Children 3-16 are £10-£13.50 including the house and under 2s are free.


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