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Little Brickhill Park

Updated: May 27, 2022

I can't believe I have only just added this park to the website as we first visited in 2019!

The green space is enclosed and then within the green area is another enclosed park and then a separate climbing frame with 4 slides! It's a super cool park suitable for little ones too.

The stairs to the climbing frame are enclosed with a hand rail which makes it easy to access.

There is a wooden train complete with tunnel in the front which is an absolute hit with little ones and my 4 year old.

The large climbing frame is made of plastic and metal so can be dangerous for unsteady toddlers but it's otherwise amazing. One tunnel slide, a duo slide and a swirly slide. It's super fun and my 12 month old loved the duo slide with me popping her up each time and catching her at the end. It's not to high. Perfect park for a picnic too.

There is no parking so park on the road wisely. Postcode MK17 9LZ visible from the road.


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