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Little Linford Secret Wood

I've been coming here for years now, it's a bit of a secret but I'll share!

Half of these photos were taken today (July) and the other half at the end of April. The Bluebells are super impressive here, did you know Bluebells are protected? This means they remain un-spoilt when they bloom, they're super special.

I used to come here to take photos of my Dog and now I bring my girls, it really is lovely. The woods are a Nature Reserve so while Dogs are allowed they do need to remain on the lead. My Dad used to leave his wildlife camera here and we have seen Fox, Badgers, Deer and lots of other wildlife.

Please also stick to the footpath. Due to the increase of visitors over 'lockdown' the Farmer has put out clearer signs so be sure to stick to the rules. The whole wood is ok to explore though unless signs state otherwise.

In April we even spotted a picnic bench which I'd love to find again.

I take my double buggy but mine is an off-road buggy. It would be ok if your buggy can manage some long grass and the odd puddle.


Walk straight up towards the wood as per the last photo, it takes approx 20-30 minutes. Once at the top you can enter the wood at any of the entrances but if you turn left and then spot a wooden bridge on your right this is the way I go.

Once in the wood you are free to explore. Walk all the way straight and this is where I've seen the best Bluebells and then right up to a pond and this is where we stumbled upon the bench.

Today we walked straight and then once we got to a gate on our left we walked through this and straight to find the house ruins. We also spotted some Cows.

Use co-ordinate and copy into your satnav 52.091617, -0.771069 or use the map below.

One or two people can park there but do not block the farmers gate. There are other entrances along that road to the left of the red arrow on the map below. Or you could park on the road on Little Linford Lane by the postbox. All parking is at your own risk.


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