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Loughton Lodge Lake

This is a great alternative to Willen Lake which is much larger and busier. It even has a couple of pieces of play e dotted around. The old type exercise equipment which children love to play and balance on.

One of the things I enjoyed about this lake was that there were a few safe duck feeding areas. What I mean by that is they had platforms with fencing around which is perfect for letting little ones throw in some sweetcorn without being scared they’re too close to the waters edge.

We visited in early June and saw lots of Ducks and their ducklings. We also saw a few Herons tucked away behind trees.

It‘s a great place to bike, scooter and it seemed like a good place for a wheelchair too with the flat paths.

We used the free car park using postcode

MK8 9LG.

You can tie this walk in with a trip through Loughton Valley Park to the stepping stones linked here.


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