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Loughton Stepping Stones

What a hidden gem! This is a popular spot and I can see why.

The stream, when not raining, is lovely and shallow and my daughter, age 3 loved climbing over each stone. When we visited she was wearing wellies and because she can’t hop from one to the next she was climbing into the steam each time and then climbing up and over the stones.

There was a bench behind and people sitting on a blanket having a picnic. Also further down the stream where it was shallow we also stood and splashed around and climbed on branches.

It’s a great spot to explore. We tied it in with a trip to Loughton Lodge Lake which you can find here.

To find the stones we used postcode MK5 8EP for Linceslade Grove. Stop when you approach the black railings of the bridge which go over the stream. They’re next to a bench and in front of a cream and brown house. You may spot them from the road.


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