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Millfield Play area and walk

I really wanted to go somewhere with a lot of green space and wanted Daisy and I to get lots of fresh air. Today was perfect for that. The play area is in Stony Stratford and I parked between Stony & Old Stratford. I then walked around 10 minutes following the river on my right.

Daisy spotted some Ducks, Swans, Moorhens, Cows and some noisy Pigeons in the bushes! It’s also a very popular walk for Dogs.

When we arrived at the park I was pleased to see it was enclosed and had a toddler friendly slide. It had wooden steps and hand rails. I also loved seeing equipment I’d not seen before.

Daisy loved balancing on the bouncy, wobbly assault course. At first she sat on it then built her confidence up to walk on the coloured circles. It was great watching her slowly trust in her ability with the odd fall here and there. By the end she was a little pro!

This is the perfect place to take your Dog too although they aren’t allowed in the enclosed park.

You could have explored all day as there’s so much green space. If my maternity trousers weren’t nearly by my ankles and constantly falling down we’d have stayed a lot longer!

There’s a few ways to get to this play area however I parked in the bays just off The Queen Elenor mini round-about. You can use the postcode MK11 1AS and walk down the ramp through a gate to Tomb Meadow. Follow the path all the way around to the left (river on your right) .


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