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Milton Keynes Play Association (MKPA)

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Today we went to our first event hosted by the Milton Keynes Play Association.

The MKPA are a charity who have over 40 years experience in supporting child centered play. They host free events across Milton Keynes to give children the opportunity to play.

It’s an amazing idea to encourage children to play outside and creates a great environment for children to make friends with others too.

The free sessions are aimed at children over 4 but with Daisy approaching 2 and being very adventurous I decided to take her along today. We chose to attend the event in Two Mile Ash because there is a great park which we have been to before.

There was a tent where they were doing Easter Crafts such as colouring paper Easter eggs and making and decorating cardboard baskets. The children looked like they were enjoying doing arts and crafts.

There was a bouncy castle which Daisy loved. The lovely people from MKPA were letting all the children have a bounce in groups, Daisy can’t bounce properly but really enjoyed being around the other children. She spend most of her time laughing after having fallen over.

On the main field there was football, cricket, volleyball and some other little activities. Daisy enjoyed kicking the ball around, I should probably take her to football lessons soon as I think she would really enjoy it.

If you want to get the kids outside this Easter and over summer then check out the MKPA Facebook, Instagram or Website. There were so many children playing and having a great day and it was so wonderful to see. I can’t wait to take Daisy to another one soon.

Due to the MKPA being a charity you can donate some money in the charity box when you’re there, I didn’t feel pressured to do so but I would love if this charity could go another 40 years! They are hosting a couple of craft events at Kiln Farm this month. To cover costs these are £1.


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