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Milton Keynes Tunnel and Concrete Cows

We discovered an awesome tunnel near Bradwell Abby within Loughton Valley Park. Daisy and I loved it, It's bike, buggy and bike friendly.

Its a tunnel with Trains which run over the top and its located next to a stream. There are some lovely walks around there too.

We parked by Bradwell Abby and walked down the side near the car park next to a dog agility club, you may hear or spot the trains so you know you are walking in the right direction.

Once you're out of the tunnel take a left past the football pitch and take a right over the bridge which goes over the water. Take an immediate right down a grassy area and you will see the famous Concrete Cows. You can also skip this step and walk straight down and you will come to Bancroft where you can stumble across the Roman Ruins.

On your way back through the tunnel on your right you will see a gate, this is a lovely walk around Bradwell Abby and their sensory garden which I will link here.

Use postcode MK13 9AP for the car park.


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