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Nature KIDZ

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Today we visited The Fields of Dreams Farm in Potterspury. We attended their Nature KIDZ Mini & Me event. Emi-Lu, Lisa and Kelly who run the farm rescue and care for all of the animals. It’s a very magical and spiritual farm.

The sessions are hosted both inside a large open barn and outside.

Fields Of Dreams

There’s a toilet and parking onsite.

Keep reading to find out what it’s all about and if you and your child/children would enjoy the sessions.

When is it and what’s it all about?

The sessions are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1000 – 1130.

The idea behind the sessions is to give children a space to play and explore outside freely. For the children to be able to connect with Animals, Nature and get creative.

What did we do in the session?

I didn’t know what to expect when we turned up and thought there would be a structure to the play sessions but there wasn’t. This was ideal because I don’t particularly enjoy structured play and Daisy doesn’t either. At 2.5 years old she’s very much a free spirit and enjoys discovering as she goes and being able to have choices with how she spends her time.

The whole hour and a half felt very child led and involved lots of free play where the children could take part in various crafts, look, touch and feed the animals and play with toys and crafts.

Daisy went straight to the crafts where she made something for the birds to feed on. This was cardboard, covered in marmalade and seeds. Daisy enjoyed this. There was a station for painting and playing with tinsel and Christmas decorations. A colouring station and an area to chill out and play with toys and a rocking horse. Daisy found a skateboard she became rather attached to.

They had three Goats which we were allowed to go into their pen and feed, all supervised. There were Guinea Pigs which again you could touch and feed when supervised and Horses inside the Barn.

We took a little break for a complimentary hot chocolate and biscuit, they also had squash and water.

Here, we saw a Donkey, Shetland Pony and a Horse. There was a canvas tent, bug hotel which is coming soon, tyres and pallets to climb and balance on. And a large area with sand, buckets and toys.

In the future they hope to have home grown herbs. They’re developing the outside play area all of the time to bring new activities to The Fields of Dreams Farm.

Back to the barn we went, jumping in muddy puddles along the way. Daisy noticed the lady piling hay into a wheelbarrow and asked to help. She helped put the hay in the wheelbarrow and then went out to feed two 5 month old rescue ponies.

Daisy was able to get close to all of the animals safely.

Anyone. Children of all ages will enjoy some outside play. It was a very welcoming peaceful and calming environment.

Calming and spiritual music was played the entire time. This is said to relax both animals and child. I enjoyed it!

£6 per child to be paid via PayPal prior to attending. Adults are free.

The £6 goes towards helping all of the rescue animals with the care they need and for their food and upkeep.

This is a non funded farm and so every little helps with regards to donations to provide for all of the animals. The sessions benefit children greatly and are a safe place to venture outside for those of us who would rather go to places where there are other people.

Check out their Facebook Page by clicking here.

This is where they will post the event details for each session. Click attend if you’re planning on going.

To book, simply pay £6 via their PayPal.

If you’re not on Facebook here’s their email

To find the farm use this address.

Moorend Road, Potterspury, NN12 7QG

The Fields of Dreams Farm.

Check out Nature KIDZ page as they also offer 1-1 and group sessions. Pony Parties, Meditations and Support Work.

Coming next year to The Fields of Dreams Farms is a Crystal and Herb Specialist shop.


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