Newport Pagnell River Beach

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Today was lovely, we visited the river in Newport Pagnell, Daisy really enjoyed herself and it was entirely free. You could spend the afternoon here or easily a day. Once in the field it took 20 minutes to walk there and all buggy friendly and relatively flat.

The beach in Castlethorpe currently has Cows in the surrounding area so this is a great alternative. Like all fields there are plenty of access points however I’m only going to be listing two options. The field is called Bury Filed and there may be shorter ways to access but I don’t want to over complicate it.

Option 1. Today we walked however if you drive, use postcode MK16 8EE for Lakes Lane. Drive to the end of where the houses are and drive past the first gate to the field. You’re looking for two easily accessible gates next to another gate and a large sign. There is no designated parking so be mindful of where you leave your car. Enter the field, walk straight ahead and all the way to the end. Follow the field to the right until you see a large double metal gate on your left. Also buggy friendly. Enter the second field, walk straight down until you reach the beach.

Option 2. Park in the free carpark next to Newport Pagnell Doctors Surgery. MK16 8QT. Enter the field using the gate which is on the left as you reach the end of the carpark. This may not be as easily accessible with a buggy but doable. Follow the field all the way round to the right. Keep walking around the perimeter of the field until you reach a large double metal gate on your right. Details are as above.

The beach is located within a town and so it can get busy during warm sunny days. Also it’s a hit with dogs so something to be aware of.

Daisy enjoyed splashing her feet in the water while other children enjoyed swimming. Daisy loved collecting treasure of little pebbles and snail shells. We even enjoyed a nice picnic too.

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