North Crawley Park

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I have another great enclsoed Milton keynes Park to reccomend here. North Crawley park is completely enclosed and set away from the road behind the village shop and the village hall.

It’s very old school but Daisy loved it. The equipment was challenging enough to keep her entertained. Daisy has only recently managed to climb ladder steps so for younger toddlers they wouldn’t be able to manage the climbing frames alone.

There were two toddler swings, roundabout which they can turn by themselves which Miss Independent loved. She also loved seeing me jump off the bouncing board! Over and over again!

There are two slides. The wooden climbing frame was great for toddlers though as there’s bars to hold on to while they maneuver their way around it.

I loved the location of today’s park, a great place to take a picnic or take a ball plus a couple of pubs if you wanted to treat yourself to lunch.

Use postcode MK16 9LH and there’s a free carpark behind the shop and North Crawley Institute.

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