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Oldbrook Park

Updated: May 27, 2022

We went to the park today in Oldbrook, I chose this park as it’s only a few roundabouts from Central Milton Keynes. It tied in well with a shopping trip but also a great place to spend time outside in the fresh air.

The park is fully enclosed on a large green area. It’s near a road but far enough away that I felt entirely safe with Daisy.

The park was split in two with a partial divide, toddlers and equipment for older children. I loved this toddler climbing frame and the girls did too. This is why, it had lots of interactive sections and a telescope that the girls could actually reach. Daisy isn’t particularly short but this is the first time she’s been able for look out of one at the park. There was also a wheel, and other play toys. The slide was a winner too.

The first step of the climbing frame was a little high off the floor but no bother for them. You may have to lift your child up if they’re younger. Daisy didn’t attempt the climbing wall but it’s a great option for little climbers. There was a roundabout that they could spin themselves on and two toddler swings.

In the next partition was a slide with rope you needed to climb, a rope swing and other climbing equipment for older kids. I’ve added photos to my stories but decided to focus on the toddler equipment in this post.

Overall it was a great park to spend an hour before shopping or if you’re passing the area.

I parked within the residential area. I’ll add a rough postcode and you can choose where you would like to park. MK6 2QA.


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