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Our no faff Train Adventure

We have had a brilliant day today. We got the 0922 train from Milton Keynes to Berkhamsted which takes around 25 minutes.

An open return ticket for Daisy and I cost £13.50, under 4s travel free.

I didn’t park at MK Station, I got a taxi instead as my friend lived close by.

At Milton Keynes there is a lift to the platform, don't go from Wolverton if you have a buggy as there is no lift. At Berkhamsted there are also lifts to each platform. This makes it super easy with children and buggies.

When we arrived at Berkhamsted we walked 50 yards to the Castle Ruins which are free. This is where we stretched our legs and walked up the stairs so we could get a great view of the castle. It’s a fab place to let the kids run around.

After this we walked under the railway bridge to town. It’s a 5-10 minute walk. Follow the road around and on your right hand side you’ll see a sign for P (parking) at Canal Fields. This is where you’ll find the play area and Canal where you can feed the Ducks and Geese. If you get lost, walk into town and it’s to the side of Waitrose.

There are no need for taxis, busses and extra public transport as you can walk everywhere with the buggies.

Today was a hassle free, fun train adventure and the children and I loved it.


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