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Ousebank Gardens Newport Pagnell

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

This is one of my favourite walks, I used to do it almost everyday when Daisy was a baby. I used to walk through Newport Pagnell Town, grab a hot chocolate and sit on the bench listening to the river. It was pure bliss and it’s somewhere I take her now she’s 3, she loves it.

There’s a tiny little enclosed park, it’s not the greatest but it does have a little slide. There’s Fairy houses which are a winner for imaginary play. There's usually Ducks and there’s a few benches to sit and grab some lunch.

Recently I found out that there’s a big bug hotel at the top of the hill nearest the church yard.

There are steps leading to the water which are quite popular in the summer sunshine, sometimes you an walk across the river and its only up to your shins. Lots of people sit and fish or catch crayfish. Last year we helped some other children catch crayfish using bacon in a net, they were hiding under the big rocks. There’s a shop next to the post office in town that sells nets.

If you roll tiny bits of bread and drop them in the shallow water you can see the fishes nibble away.

If you want to continue your walk you can walk to the right and through the church yard. There are some absolutely stunning trees. One of my favourite is a giant redwood. Walk over the decking bridge and at the end as you come out the church yard take a right over the river bridge and there’s a large green space. The grass is kept long for wildlife and it’s just a lovely area to walk. There’s also another play park there which I don’t have any photos of but it’s a nice place to explore.

Use postcode MK16 8AR and park along the high street. To get to the park and river walk along side The British Legion Pub just before you exit Newport pagnell.


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