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Springfield Play Park super fast slide

Updated: Mar 20

We had SO much fun going down this big slide, it was a pleasant surprise because I’ve driven past this park so many times and yesterday, decided to stop. As I walked down the path we spotted the slide!

It was so much fun and so fast. I went down about 30 times with Marlie on my lap, each time she got off and immediately started climbing to the top again. The steps leading up to the slide aren’t the best so I trailed closely behind. Or you can run up the side of the hill.

To be honest, it’s nice to find a slide my arse fits down!!!

The park wasn’t enclosed and was surrounded by path ways and green space and houses with a road not far away. Luckily my kids were kept entertained enough that they never left the park.

There was a basketball court with kids playing and two climbing frames. They were old but great as they were actually quite difficult so great for kids who like a challenge. There wasn’t much for little toddlers. There were baby and grown up swings.

We will be going back.


This park is, in my opinion, the best park that’s closest to the city center. Approx 0.5 miles it also neighbors Campbell Park.

Only thing is, we parked on the roadside as to not park next to residential houses. It was perfectly legal where I parked but not ideal. I didn’t have time to find an alternative and I don’t like walking through underpasses.

I’ll pop the street name here and the estate is called Springfield. If you put in your satnav/maps Kenwood Gate. It’s just off the roundabout over from Campbell Park. You’ll see a red way path and it’s down there. You can spot the park from the roadside and if you’re in the estate it’s next to this path on the left as you’re facing out towards the main road/roundabout.

I don’t think it’s hard to find at all but maybe look on google maps first. ENJOY!!


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