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Stanton Low Country Park Walk

As well as being a great play park this is also a great place to walk alone, with the kids or the dog. There are plenty of walking options so feel free to explore.

From the car park follow the path and walk straight ahead, you'll eventually spot the park on your right and ahead a canal bridge. Walk over the bridge straight down and you will see a walk way with two fields either side. Sometimes there will be sheep or Cows in each field. We love seeing them so follow The Parks Trust on social media as they will announce when the Cows and Sheep will be coming.

We walk straight down and then to the left to check out the remains from St Peter's Church. It's a cool place to check out and walk through but refrain from letting kids climb on the stone walls.

You can follow that walk around to the left to a river but I am not entirely sure where it goes but if you walk back to the right along the path and instead of going back up to the canal bridge walk straight. You will be walking down a track now with fields either side. Keep walking up until you reach the path back to the canal. Walk alongside this and after a few minutes you will reach the road which is opposite the Black Horse Pub, walk up along the road on the path. On the left over the road is the car park to Stonepit field. Stonepit is a really cool place to explore and climb and check out what's in the ponds, the blog is linked here.

BUT carry on walking and at the first opportunity, walk into the housing estate. Walk straight down Selkirk Drive and then down Shepherds Hey and you will see the entrance to Stanon Low Country Park again. Follow to the left all the way around and back to the car park. Explore the park and the BMX track en route. Map below with yellow dots on to help!

Park is linked here.

If your buggy is suitable for taking on grass then you will be fine.

Use postcode MK14 6FS for the car park.


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