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Stoke Goldington Park

I’ve been driving to Northampton a lot the last few days and on the way I noticed some new park equipment at Stoke Goldington Village Hall.

The Climbing frame has a steep ramp to use to climb up, Daisy’s 2 but she is a good climber so maybe not ideal for all young toddlers. I used to walk behind Daisy though on these so that’s an option. The slide was super fast so be careful to catch your child! I didn’t but Daisy loves it.

Each time it’s been busy so I timed it right today and went just before the school run! It’s entirely enclosed and surrounded by a large area of green space. It is busy off a busy road though. There’s free parking. It has a built in tunnel and seating area. Also a fireman’s pole and netting to also climb which Daisy can only manage half way up. There were 2 regular swings, 2 baby swings and one rope swing. There’s a traditional roundabout, solo rocking ‘thing’ and a big slide. .

Daisy really enjoyed it here despite there not being a huge deal there. She loved the little seating area too.

It’s 10 mins from Newport Pagnell and 20mins from CMK.

Use postcode MK16 8NR


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