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Stony Stratford Nature Reserve

I’ve been here twice now and forgot to add it to the blog so I’ll add photos from two different trips.

It’s a great walk and flat enough to take a bike, scooter, buggy or wheelchair. It mostly follows the River which is beautiful.

You will need to walk along a path which goes through a grazing field which currently has Cows in. I’m unsure if they’re there all year round. I always get lots of messages about Cows so I feel like I need to say the following. The Cows have been chosen for their calm nature however they are curious animals and may approach you. Keep dogs on a lead at all times and in my opinion I would ignore the Cows completely unless you’re at the other side of the fence, they can be unpredictable and of course are much larger than us! Oh and if you’ve ever seen a Cow run, you’d know to not provoke them! That being said, I grew up in a village and I’ve never had any issue with them.

You’ll come across a little lake a bird hide and some cool tunnels.

Daisy had a little walk along the river bank but I wouldn’t advice swimming in here.

Use postcode MK12 5NZ for the free The Parks Trust Car park.

If you visit Stony Stratford Nature Reserve please tag me on Instagram or Facebook. I’d love to see!


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