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The New Forest Family Walks

I’ve visited the new forest on quite a few occasions now but I wanted to share my most recent trip. We had so much fun as a family and visited some cool places.

The New Forest is just over 2 hours away by car from Milton Keynes but you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away. Tucked away in a magical mystical land with wild roaming Ponies, Donkeys, Cows and Pigs. It’s hands down one of my favourite places and each time I’m blown away. There’s Trees galore, beautiful Heather and green for miles around.

Depending on which area you visit then it can be fairly close to the sea. We have visited Avon Beach, Christchurch and Mudeford during stays before. I’ve also got a blog on Christchurch if you want to have a look at a beach day.

On our recent trip we stayed in Lymington just on the edge of the Forest and used that as our base. It was a lovely town next to the Harbour. We had fish and chips by the waters edge and a meal at The Ship Inn on the second night. It was a nice hilly town to roam of an evening with independent shops, cafes along hobbled lanes and high street stores such as Boots and Jojo Maman Bebe.

Lepe Country Park

We visited on a really sunny 25 degree September day and it wasn’t too busy! Hallelujah! We wanted a beach day and we got it but it wasn’t your typical seaside. It’s a country park with green space to fly kites, a park which we actually didn’t visit but looked brilliant with mostly wooden play equipment. The park is at the top of the hill which is where parked. There’s a sandy sea front a cafe/restaurant with glass front lookout.

It was brilliant for what we wanted although the sea was super cold. We spent all day sat on the sand dipping our toes in and letting the babies explore their surroundings.

You had to pay for parking prices start from £2 for an hour and up to £9 for all day during Summer. For all details on parking and owning see their website.

Address - Lepe Country Park, Exbury, Southampton, SO45 1AD

Blackwater Tall Tree Trail

If you’ve been following me on social media or know me in person you’ll know I love a tree! I just find them beautiful, peaceful and calming. I love being in a forest or under the branches of trees. There is something different about breathing in the air around trees too so this place was an absolute dream.

We did the 1.5 mile Tall Tree Trail with the most gorgeous Redwoods. I absolutely love them and they’re one of my favourites along with Fir Trees. We came across two absolutely huge Redwoods. The trees were planted 180 years ago which blows my mind. You have to have respect for how long they’ve been around and what they’ve witnessed and been through.

The walk was popular with Dog walkers and families. We spent ages walking and exploring. There were some impressive dens hidden within the forest.

By the free car park there were toilets and picnic benches. As we sat down to eat our lunch wild Ponies paid us a visit. They didn’t actually go for our sandwiches but they did sniff the whole table! It all added to the enchantment of this place. There’s no cafe here so a picnic is your best bet.

We visited on a Friday and it wasn’t too busy but when we drove past on a Sunday it was packed with cars parked on the verge.

Address - Blackwater Car Park, Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7QB4

Whitefield Moor

Another free walk and I think this was my favourite. Like all time favourite. We walked through the Heather which, had we visited a few weeks prior, would have been such a gorgeous purple. We walked along a trail with wooden markers and into the Forest. As soon as we hit the Forest it took my breath away.

Underneath the shelter of the trees was a gorgeous shallow stream. Straight away Daisy and her Dad walked through it splashing and sploshing their feet until they reached the other side. We followed the trail round the forest balancing on fallen branches and finally back to the stream of dreams!

We all sat on a huge tree stump, we looked up to the sound of hoofs clip clopping over the wooden bridge. It was jaw dropping, it was one of those moments you wanted to film but was too good to get your phone out. Five or six ponies were walking over, one after the other. We then sat and chilled next to wild ponies minding their own business and us doing the same.

Honestly, if I’m not making it sound magical then sorry, because it really was.

Address - Whitefield Moor Car Park, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, SO42 7QD

We are going back to The New Forest in November to stay in a log cabin. I can’t wait to share our trip with you.

If you visit any of the places mentioned above please feel free to tag me on social media as I’d love to see them.


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