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Things I’d forgotten Post Partum and about Newborn babies.

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I’m now the proud Mummy of a 2.5 year old and a nearly two week old baby girl. I didn’t realise how much I’d forgotten from removing their nappy only for them to wee all over themselves to how much they sleep! So I thought it would be fun to list all the things I’d forgotten.

1 – That you can change their nappy and just as you’ve buttoned up their baby grow, they do another poo!

2 – How much they sleep!! And how surprised you are when you see their eyes open!!

3 – How gigantic your boobs get when your milk comes in and how sore they get if your baby sleeps a little too long.

4 – You can’t go anywhere without a bra on for fear of leaking!

5 – The little grunts newborns make.

6 – When they root around and their head bops back and forth when they want feeding like they’re trying to find the closest boob. I totally forgot this, it’s so cute.

7 – How much you sweat postpartum. I wake up in the night dripping.

8 – How much you need to drink when breastfeeding. I’m used to waking all through the night and suddenly I don’t need a wee every 5 minutes despite drinking a shed load of water.

9 – How scrunched up newborns are. Marlie is only just stretching out from her tucked in the womb pose.

10 – How many visits from the Health Visitor and Midwife you have. And how many times they ask you, what contraception you’re using and of course the answer is —- none!!! I JUST had a baby!

11 – How comfortable the huge black maternity knickers are!

12 – AND how comfortable maternity pads are postpartum. Like a pillow in your pants!

13 – Cluster feeding and how much time you spend on the couch of an evening!

14 – How much poo a baby can make in one day!

15 – How nice babies smell.

16 – How much it stings when you go for a wee post birth and how swollen you are!

17 – The contraction pains when breastfeeding. I had to breath through these in the first few days and lots of pain relief.

18 – How sore your nipples can get if you latch incorrectly.

19 – How soft babies skin is.

20 – How obsessed people are at deciding who your baby looks like.

21 – How hard it is to get your boob and breast pad back in your bra when you’re out!

I can’t think of any more right now but let me know what you’d forgot about the postpartum and newborn stage.


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