Top 5 Parks for pre-walkers and young Toddlers.

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This blog post comes after a suggestion by a lovely lady on Instagram, so thank you.

It’s a great idea to venture outside when you have younger toddlers, it gets them used to being outside, it’s great for learning and development and for them to feel free and independent by exploring their surroundings. Being outside allows young children to experience new textures, sounds and sights.

There are parks dotted around that are great for younger toddlers or pre-walkers especially ones with sand or soft floors for example artificial grass or equipment low to the ground. It’s such a great achievement watching your child climb their first slide and the look on their face will be priceless.

When Daisy first started walking she used to love running off so I find enclosed parks the best. Daisy is almost 2 now and shes only just coming out of this stage, I can finally look away for 10 seconds without her going AWOL!

I will list my top 5 in no particular order below with each one linked to the original blog post for loads more photos and information. You can also check out my highlights on Instagram for videos of all the places I visit.

The Triangle Park, Cranfield.

  1. Enclosed

  2. Baby Swings

  3. Small equipement

  4. MK43 0HW

Sherington Park.

  1. Enclosed

  2. Mud Kitchen

  3. Slide and tunnel

  4. MK16 9PB

Pirate Ship Park, Loughton.

  1. Soft sand

  2. Large green area to run around

  3. Great if you have older children with you

  4. MK5 8DJ

Bancroft Park.

  1. Artificial Grass

  2. Baby Swing

  3. Dual sibling or parent swing

  4. Easy to climb, slide

  5. MK13 0QB

Wootton Park.

  1. Enclosed

  2. 3 toddler climbing frames

  3. 4 slides

  4. Interactive play equipment

  5. MK43 9EU

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