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Travelling with kids!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I came across a really great website a few months ago when looking for a holiday.

It’s called Best Child Friendly Holidays and it’s super easy to use. You can filter by country, region, UK breaks, holiday cottages and holiday camps.

Emma who runs the website is always posting the latest discount codes which is exactly what you need when booking your family holiday.

The part I love the most is you don’t have to search multiple sites like TUI and Jet2 as they’re all on there! Meaning you can compare deals on one website meaning you save more money and spent less time doing so.

If you fancy a browse then click here.

The Instagram page is here.

The Facebook page is also here.

My top tips for traveling with toddlers are.

– Don’t have high expectations and don’t worry if they aren’t quiet or sitting still. Traveling can be pretty boring.

– Take some toys and colouring books that they haven’t seen before and only let them play with them on the plane. Hopefully this will keep them excited!

– Take snacks!

– Take some toddler headphones. Great for the entertainment system on the plane or iPad.

– Book a pre departure lounge. We did this for the first time this year with Daisy and it was so relaxing. We ate, we relaxed, it was quiet and we had big comfy chairs.


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