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Wavendon Tower Park

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Daisy & I visited this park in Wavendon and we loved it. It was super clean and tidy and great for toddlers and older children. The tower was easy to navigate for toddlers who love to climb and then the floors above would be brilliant for over 5s. Daisy particularly loved the slide and it was wide enough for me and her to go down together, so of course we did that a 100 times! Was great fun. She also loved picking up the little stones, she’s over eating everything thank god but be mindful if your child is still in that ‘phase’.

She also loves climbing up and down the steps and the ramp and attempting the wooden rope bridge.

Outside the tower was a roundabout, two tunnels, baby swings, swings for older children and a climbing frame with slide.

Use postcode MK7 7RZ. I parked in the pavilion car park. You’ll also see a large green area too. Also if you know the area you can walk across the bridge into Walnut Tree and find The Snail Park.


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