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Wicksteed Park for under 0.9m Toddlers

Updated: May 27, 2022

Details are now out of date however I didn't want to change my review as it's still relevant to under 0.9m toddlers. Please check the website for up to date 2021 pricing. Rides and parks for under 0.9m are still accurate in June 2021.

Pricing linked here.

We visited Wicksteed Park this week, I haven’t been since I was at School. It’s so nice to take Daisy back to where I’ve been as a child.

Daisy’s 2 and she’s about an inch under 90cm which is under the minimum height requirement for most rides. I want to share my review to show that even though you have a young toddler that you can still have a blast at Wicksteed Park. There’s plenty to do for all and absolutely loads for taller or older children. I was kindly gifted these tickets. I also took my friend and her son who’s 5.

Wicksteed Park is approximately 45/50 minutes from Milton Keynes, 40 minutes from Bedford and 30 minutes from Northampton and it’s well worth the journey.


First stop was the park. There is so much equipment spread out, Daisy didn’t know where to start. She headed to the toddler climbing frame first which a wooden ramp easily accessible to all infants. It had a slide which Daisy loved. There were swings, zip lines and a giant climbing frame which caught our eye. Daisy’s 2 but she’s pretty good at climbing so she managed to climb the ladder to the first slide with me holding her while she made her way up. This was her favourite as she went down the slide about 10 times! There are so many other climbing frames for all ages and lots of slides.


Our first ride was the Carousal. Daisy and I sat in one of the carts and she loved spinning round and watching the other children ride the horses. Next was the Tea Cups which she loved. I went on with Daisy and she had me going again and again. She found it hilarious and it felt like we were spinning so fast. She was screaming ‘dizzy’ and laughing her head off.

The Roundabout was next where Daisy sat in a little wooden Airplane and went round and round. The Honey Pot Bears was another winner and similar to the Tea Cups. We took the Train around the grounds which was a firm winner for all the kids. They were all shouting ‘Choo Choo’ and ‘All aboard’. This was a lovely way to see the grounds and lots of wildlife too. We spotted so many birds and lots of baby Swans. Our last ride which again was a favourite of Daisy’s was Mr Wicksteed Cars. We went on this a fair few times with Daisy taking the wheel and me riding up back! There was even a Peacock perched on the fence which the kids loved saying hello to.


Meercat Burrows was a great way to see the Meercats. You had to crawl or in Daisy’s case walk through tunnels occasionally popping your head up to see the animals. Much like they do in the wild. They were so close and the children enjoyed this. We also saw some Goats too. Wooloomooloo was a bird aviary which you could walk through with free flying birds. This was brilliant and we saw so many birds up close. The children were fascinated as on the way out, hidden within some trees, we spotted some eggs. There’s so much water at Wicksteed Park that we saw lots of birds from Geese to Ducks and even a Peacock.


As well as the main Play Park there’s plenty of play equipment dotted around. There’s also a Sand Pit and Sand and Water section which we didn’t get time to play in. But it looked brilliant with puddles to splash in and sand to collect in buckets. There’s a Musical Garden which I’m gutted we didn’t get to see and Boats which I’ll be doing next time too.


There’s lots of places to eat, we opted for Nachos but there were lots of places selling sandwiches and fish and chips among other yummy foods.


You can either purchase an unlimited wrist band or individual ride tickets.

Ride tickets start from £1.25 with most rides costing 2 tickets.

Children under 100cm are £13.60 or above 100cm are £16.15. Adults are £13.60 also.

Parking is £3 for up to 2 hours with all day (over 3 hours) costing £6. We stayed for well over 4 hours.

You can also save up and use your Tesco Vouchers in exchange for tickets. You’d need to research this yourself as I have no experience doing this.


We had a blast. I will be going back as we didn’t get to do everything we wanted purely because it’s such a large site. There is so much to do and I was impressed with the amount of fun a young toddler could have. It may seem like under 90cm can’t go on a great deal however Daisy wanted to go on everything at least twice so that’s something to bare in mind. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and when she’s that little bit taller the rides she can go on double. From little roller coasters to water rides. It’s such a beautiful place too with lots of green space to picnic or take some bubbles and a ball. It’s also dog friendly.

Check out my Instagram for lots of videos of us on rides and exploring.


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