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Willows Activity Farm

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

There was so much to do at Willows Activity Farm in St Albans I couldnt possibly share it all in one go so we will be re-visitng in the next few weeks.

These are just some of the animals we saw today. I spoke to a lady in the Farmyard and she had so much passion for her job and for the farm it was lovely. She was telling me and Daisy all about the different types of Cows and about the Donkey and the plans for a new space for the Piglets when they’re born soon. She advised to re-visit in summer when they run craft sessions and sheep racing and other brilliant shows.

It was lovely to see the lambs and the goats as these are my favourite, you can buy food for 50p a bag. Daisy and I went on a tractor ride, poor Daisy didn’t like it and was crying, it was quite bumpy and the music fairly loud but I’m sure your child will love going through all the giant puddles and having a tour of the pigs fields.

There are so many play areas dotted around the Farm from little fairground rides, bouncy castles, coconut shy games, tractor rides to climbing frames and obstacle courses to the brilliant Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground. We spent 3.5 hours there just Daisy and I and we still didn’t experience everything. For those interested there is a soft play section inside which we didn’t visit.

The Peter Rabbit Adventure Playground was my favourite, Daisy loved the music garden, I’ve uploaded a video to my highlights on Instagram so check my page out if you want to see more. She loved the huge climbing frame and navigating around all of the obstacles and going up and down the ramps. She loves doing this, I think it’s because it gives her a huge feeling of independence. She’s getting so confident at climbing, she did have a little fall but bounced straight back off the wood chipping floor! Because Daisy’s still under 2 I am climbing these frames with her just Incase.

She enjoyed Mr Mc Gregors Garden which had huge slides and an indoor climbing frame with lots of tunnels. The playground was very interactive too with music playing and scenes from Peter Rabbit. You could explore some of the characters houses too.Also around the park was a sandy area where you can play with water too and various wooden diggers and tractors, some with slides attached too.

Under 2s go in for free and I paid £12, I could have booked on line to saved a few quid. For videos please head to my Instagram and check out my highlights.

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