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Wimpole Estate National Trust

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Today we visited Wimpole Estate, we spent 4 hours there and still didn’t see all of it. We had so much fun, it’s about 1 hour from Milton Keynes but well worth the visit and even more so if you’re National Trust members because it’s free! Standard entry for an Adult is £17.20 and child £8.60, under 2s are free.


There is so much to do and see and the sunshine made it extra special. The little gift shops are lovely, we brought some chocolate fudge and next time we said we will buy a recycled wool picnic blanket which was £20 but looked lush, it was pastel colours, hardly practical for laying on the floor but oh so pretty. There is a restaurant and book store too and lots of pretty candles, books and toys for the kids too.

Next stop was Wimpole Home Farm where all the animals hang out. There were two huge Shire Horses, some Donkeys, Rabbits, Goats, rare breed Cows and Bulls and loads of Pigs. So many different breeds of Pigs, they were my favorite. We stayed for the Pigs lunch time and it was bloody brilliant. I can’t describe the noise the Pigs made when they realised they were about to be fed. It was immensely loud and kinda scary, the Pigs were going crazy, so fun to watch though. They do love their grub.

There is an upstairs section above the bunnies where you can see how flour is milled with a few interactive activities for the children to get involved in. Outside the barn are some buckets where you can pretend to milk them and water comes out, this is next to an old fashioned tractor.

After this we took a break for lunch in the restaurant, we both had jacket potatoes and pasta for Daisy which came to £17 so kinda pricey. Next time we will take a picnic because the grounds are so stunning and there are so many places to just plonk your self down and graze for a while.

Lunch went down a treat and then it was time to check out the Walled Garden. It was stunning however it will be even more impressive in summer, don’t forget to show the kids the gardeners house where you can peek through the windows to see where the Gardner lives.

Finally as if this doesn’t seem like enough, we went to check out the adventure play area and this is where Daisy had her most fun! She was climbing the big kids climbing frame and zooming down the slide, she did this 10000 times! She loved playing with the pine cones and the sticks at the bug hotel and picking up all of the dried out leaves and launching them in the air! Children had made dens with big logs and twigs and everyone looked like they were having a blast.

There is so much more to see at Wimpole Estate but we just didn’t have the time. There were so many trees and Gardens and a huge Manor House that we need to go back and check out. They have some activities this February half term and also an Easter egg hunt in April, I’ll post the details below.

Please check out my Instagram The Outdoors Mum and please let me know if you visit. I love to hear all about your toddler adventures.



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