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Wixams Park

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

My friend lives over in Wixams so we went over to visit, there were 5 kids in total and we all went to the park. We had a great time. It’s so nice to travel to different places.

It’s a lovely park located next to a pond with ducks and swans. The swan even had 7 eggs she was nestling on. Of course we didn’t get too close but it was so lovely to see.

The park had two slides, one Daisy couldn’t manage to climb so I had to lift her up to the top. She loved the slide on the top of a hill though, I stood behind her most of the time so she could make it to the top safely. It was a bumpy slide and she bloody loved it.

There was a zip wire, some toddler swings, two climbing frames and some other fun play equipment.

The part I loved the best other than it was enclosed, had soft sand and a lovely pond, was the wobbly wooden bridge. Daisy loved it so much. She’s so confident now and I thought this stand alone equipment was unique.

The park is located next to a Budgens shop and you can use postcode MK42 6AE. We walked but I’m sure if you’re mindful you will find somewhere to park along the roadside.


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