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Woburn Safari Park

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

We were lucky enough to be gifted tickets to visit Woburn Safari Park last week. I’ve visited many times before, pre child and when Daisy was younger. I wanted to take Daisy back now she’s older and I’m so glad I did.


We did the Safari first and our favourites were the Rhinos and the naughty Monkeys who climbed on our car. Daisy found this hilarious.  I’ve never seen so many Giraffes either too so that was impressive. You feel so close to the animals and can see them up close, we really took our time and stopped to watch each animal. You can go around the Safari as many times as you want. We also saw Wolves, Bears, Tigers, Lions, Zebras and more up close.


To save money we took a packed lunch but the Restaurant sold hot food such as curry and cold options like sandwiches and cakes. I did treat Daisy to a Gingerbread animal biscuit for £1.99 which I thought was quite pricey but it was delicious to be fair. I also spotted a few other cafes but they were all closed, probably due to it being midweek and Autumn.


I’ve visited so many times and never knew Woburn Safari Park had any reptiles. They were tucked away next to the gift shop and the toilets. There were Snakes a Bearded Dragon, tiny little Frogs and more. The lady who worked there said the Snakes had, had a busy summer so they let them rest during quieter months but advised me we could hold a Giant Snail, Hissing Cockroach or a Stick Insect. I opted for the Giant Snail and it was great to be able to see it up close and ask the lady questions, Daisy was fascinated and stroked i’ts massive shell.


We took a stroll into the Wallabie enclosure, Daisy loved this and she would shout with excitement, ‘Mummy, what are they doing?’. So cute, she loved watching them hop around or rest on the floor. We also enjoyed being inside the little Monkey Enclosure. On previous visits they’ve tried to climb up our legs but on this occasion they were all happy relaxing on their high ropes.

The farm area with the Goats that you could stroke was a firm favourite for us. Daisy’s familiar with Farm animals and felt confident to give them a little pat. We also saw Penguins, Tortoise and more. There’s so many animals you an barely do it all in one day.

Lastly we visited the Birds inside the Rainbow Landing House. We paid £1 for two little cups of food for the Birds in the hope they’d land on us and have a drink. The lady did warn us she had just fed them so they weren’t all that hungry however I managed to entice one down from its perch and it sat on my hand. It’s no nice to see the Birds up close. I’ve been before and it’s been crazy in there so be warned! You can’t help but laugh and let out a little screech when they land on your arm or swoop past your head.


This was brilliant and it all looked very new. If you follow my Instagram page you’ll know Daisy loves balancing on obstacles so this was her dream play area. With not a slide or a swing in site it was fab. I really love play areas that aren’t like your traditional park. I love seeing equipment that challenges children. It’s wonderful to see them master something they struggled with when they first arrived. By the end of the day Daisy was running around the wooden balancing maze. She also loved the musical area which included drums and a xylophone. We picked up a stick to see what sounds we could make. There were plenty of wooden Animals too which I think is great for continuing the learning.


We actually didn’t get time to attend any talks or demonstrations however I’ll upload the schedule here.  I’m actually thinking of getting a season ticket which I’ll talk more about later however it would be good to just attend the Safari Park to see a quick demonstration for example. For example just popping to the park one day to see the Otters being fed instead of spending the entire day there.

I have seen the Elephant Meadow demonstration before which is incredible. This wasn’t on when we visited but its amazing to see the Elephants up close and I mean really close. You even get the opportunity to touch them. I wish I could describe how big they really are apart from saying they’re ‘MASSIVE!’.



Buying online doesn’t get you any discount however you will get a free guide book.

Depending on when you visit, prices for Adults start from £22.49, Children over 3 £16.99 and under 2s go free. All other ticket prices and information is linked here.

Opening times are linked here.

I wanted to tell you about the Toddler pass because so many of you have messaged me about it. So the details don’t get lost in translation, I’ll copy the details below. The cost of a Toddler pass (0-2yrs) is £89.99.

The Toddler Pass gives the named toddler free admission for one full year, as well as admission free of charge for ANY one accompanying adult, per visit. The toddler pass allows for a different adult to enjoy the free admission on separate occasions, making this a flexible way of different adults, bringing the child. To be eligible, the toddler must not have reached their third birthday, when the pass is purchased (ie. The child must be aged two years of age, or below. Please bring proof of age, as this will be required if the toddler looks older).

Lots of you informed me you can also get discounted/free tickets using your Tesco club boosts.

Overall, we had a brilliant time and Daisy thoroughly enjoyed herself.



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