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Wolverton Road Recreation Ground

Updated: May 27, 2022

We visited an enclosed park today. It was pretty big! I wouldn’t say it was very ‘young toddler’ friendly in terms of climbing frames and slides but Daisy 2.5 yrs enjoyed it.

She was mainly interested in the trampoline. She kept falling over as it was muddy and slippy but finding it hilarious so we probably did that for over 30 minutes.

The large climbing frame had pretty high platforms and open gaps which I would say isn’t suitable for young toddlers unless your walking behind them. Daisys very savvy with climbing equipment but that’s because she’s been coming to parks so often she’s a bit of a pro! But maybe suss it out for your toddler first.

They had a dual swing which is awesome to interact with your child while they swing and you get to swing too. Also great for siblings or friends. They also had a zip wire which you hold on to for the older children.

We enjoyed it and I think it will be a great place in summer. It’s located in Stony Stratford so you could walk into town easily afterwards.

I parked as close as I could get but there’s plenty of ways to access it. I used postcode MK11 1PW.

I parked in a car park with four spaces. I couldn’t see any signs to say it was residential parking but be mindful that there are houses close by. This car park was right on the edge of the playing field. There’s a long stay car park by the Football Club though which you’ll see before you enter this street.


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