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Zen Shots Photography Family Shoot

We all know that I’m an outdoors girl but I recently won an blogger competition to become an ambassador for the month for Zen Shots Photography studio. I was nominated and chosen and therefore the experience was given to me for free. I wasn’t really sure what this entailed until we got there but I was asked to share the photos and share a discount code if I wanted to. Spoiler alert, but I loved the photos so much I suggested writing a blog for you all!

I have been to Zen Shots 3.5 years ago when Daisy was a baby and had a shoot. So I already knew a little bit about what to expect, we got some gorgeous photos.


At I was like, oh ok this will be lovely to get some photos of the girls but then the day before the shoot I changed my mind. I know more than anyone how important making memories is and photographs are amazing memories.

I love a selfie don’t get me wrong but a photoshoot is a different ball game! So I borrowed a cute denim shirt off a mate, put my leather leggings and my comfy Dr Martens on and decided to be a little brave!

I’d kitted the girls out in complimenting Cord Dungarees with my eldest Daisy in her matching Dr Martens.


Prior to the shoot I was contacted by the Zen Shots team asking me about the girls personalities and what I wanted to capture and we came up with so many fun ideas.

The first idea was taking Daisy's gardening tools and some mud and plant pots and some yummy fruit for Marlie and to get a bit messy. This would have been brilliant and I really was encouraged to do and bring whatever I felt comfortable with or thought they’d enjoy. But the shoot was rearranged due to lockdown 2.0 and when it was rebooked I didn’t have time to gather all the bits, I’m sure we can all relate to lockdown brain fog! So instead I took Daisy's bike and my idea behind it was that Marlie could stand and hold on next to her sister. I think it was a great touch and I’m super glad we took it. We also took bubbles which were a hit.


When we arrived we were offered a drink and then taken to the studio. It’s a big room with lots of white and lots of lights! After a few minutes we were up posing and having a bit of fun. I mean, I was as stiff as a board but I think it will take a few more goes for me to feel like a Mummy model!! Daisy however, was having a blast! She loved it, she loved the attention too which was surprising. Maybe all the photos I take of her has paid off!

It was super relaxed and we were told how to stand and pose but equally we could have done anything we wanted. I needed a bit of direction, this girl is not a pro.

The shoot lasted around 45 minutes and then we were off!


The photos were edited and ready super fast and we were invited back to view the photos.

We all sat in a room with a big tv and watched a video with all the photographs. My gallery had 65 photos, I laughed and smiled throughout. The girls personalities popped and I honestly thought they were amazing. I was super chuffed.

The photos were gorgeous. I will be honest and say that I am not into the white background studio images however I thought the photos of the girls close up were really artsy and the kind of photos I’d get blown up and hung on the wall. There’s no doubt the photos looked amazing, you can judge for yourself.

For me, I prefer outside images for a family or group photo but the other images I thought were brilliant and I’m super pleased. I think the girls look gorgeous and the editing was softly done. Another thing I was worried about was heavily airbrushing or smoothing of the skin, but this wasn’t the case, they looked perfect.

After I’d viewed the photos I was then given the breakdown of packages and cost.


I’ve been given a discount code for the following package.

  • 1hr Studio photoshoot

  • High end digital editing of your images

  • Cinematic viewing session

  • An 8"x 6" Photoblock of your favourite image

  • Two 8"x 6" Prints of your favourite image

The cost of this is £35 but with my code OUTDOORMUM it’s £10.

Book here.

Any extra photos of digital copies will need to be paid for separately. See below.


Zen Shots are always looking at other studio prices and make sure that they are cheaper or inline with other studios. Some of the packages can seem quite steep but the quality of the photographs are incredible and they have so many options that there’s something for every budget.

I don’t think a studio experience is something you’d book for a ‘let’s get some quick pictures done’ I think it’s an experience that you’d save for some special photographs with the memories and special moments in mind, for example, newborn shoots, 1st birthday shoots or portraits.

The details of the packages are below but they do occasionally have special offers on so ask upon booking.


We had a great time and I’d definitely return as a paying customer should I need some extra special photographs. Do not be shy at discussing your needs before the photoshoot and make sure you make it unique by taking any accessories which you think will make the experience even more perfect.


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