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Bancroft Twisted Adventure Park

Updated: May 27, 2022

We visited the brand new park in Bancroft this morning and it was fabulous. So lovely to see so many children enjoying it too. Well done to Stantonbury Council.

There is a toddler friendly section with artificial grass which I thought was rather posh. The perfect little slide and wooden climbing frame. Baby swings and wooden rocking ‘things’ what are they even called! Daisy loved running around and then she spotted the huge climbing frame and she ran so fast she rolled down the hill, typical clumsy toddler!!

Daisy enjoyed climbing the huge stone steps to the adventure climbing frame and running through it along the wobbly bridge and down the slide. She did this over and over again while my heart was in my mouth as it’s so big and she’s so small, brave little thing she is.

The climbing frame itself isn’t toddler friendly however if you’re with them climbing and running after or holding their hands then there’s still lots of fun to be had.

The park had a roundabout and swings and a large see-saw.

We then walked through the park to Bancroft Roman Villa ruins. It was a lovely stroll and the perfect green space for a picnic or walking the dog.

Use postcode MK13 0QF and you’ll see it from the road. It’s off Hadrian’s Drive and next to Bancroft Meeting Place.


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