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Bow Brickhill Park

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

We visited this park today in Bow Brickhill. It’s in a lovely green area with lots of space and picnic benches. We didn’t stay long though because it wasn’t very young toddler friendly.

Daisy’s almost 2 and a brilliant climber but she couldn’t manage to climb up to the ship climbing frame meaning I had to keep lifting her up.

It’s a real shame as the little slide and bridge were good fun for her. The wheel on the ship didn’t spin which I know is sooooo important for toddlers! I’m kidding slightly but kids love a spinning wheel so that sucked a little.

If your toddler can climb up ropes or vertical climbing walls then they will love this park. Daisy did manage the giant slide which I was surprised about (I was following behind her as it’s pretty tall) and she did enjoy the toddler swings but apart from that, it wasn’t for us… yet.

There’s a free carpark and you can use postcode MK17 9JB to get there. Check out my Instagram highlights for videos.


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