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Bradwell Abbey Sensory Garden

We discovered a great sensory garden while we explored a local tunnel and the concrete cows which I’ll link here.

I love a sensory garden, Marlie, 4 months old loved feeling some long grass and seeing the Bees whizzing past her face.

Daisy found a Butterfly on the floor which crawled onto my hand and we moved it onto the Bush at the side, Daisy also got up close and personal with it which was pretty cool.

It’s a lovely place to sit and walk around. It’s accessible by wheelchair but wheelchairs and buggy’s May struggle to walk around the paths.

There's some large trees to explore and a great place to spot bugs too.

Use postcode MK13 9AP for the car park. Walk past the pond and sculptures on the left and between the two buildings. The garden is on your right.


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