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Castlethorpe Village

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I spent most of my life living with my parents in Castlethorpe. I lived there until the age of 22 when I moved to Newport Pagnell with my boyfriend.

I loved growing up in Castlethorpe and feel very blessed to have done so. I remember climbing trees and playing in fields and making dens under farmers neglected trailers. I also remember seeing Sheep and Cows where ever I looked and seeing if I was brave enough to go in the field with them, I’m still not brave enough for the Cow fields! When I grew up in Castlethorpe we still had a village pub where I used to go in with friends to get a packet of Twiglets and play a game of pool. My first job at 15 was in the Navigation although it wasn’t what it’s like now. It was a dingy pub and I was the waitress / pot washer. I hated it but I spent my first months wages on a giant Hamster Cage. I remember feeling so chuffed.

I also remember getting my moped license at 16 because I was gagging to get out of the village to see my friends. I remember at 17 passing my driving test so I could have even more freedom.

When I moved to Newport Pagnell at 22 we bought a house in town, it was a stone throw from the pubs and we had an absolutely cracking time. I remember saying to my boyfriend how loud it was, I wasn’t used to it. In Castlethorpe all I could hear was the occasional Car or Train. But in my new home I could hear the Mums on the School runs, the drunks on the way home and that was definitely me too. I loved it but quickly discovered all the green spaces Newport has to offer too. We spent 5 years in that loud town street and it was pretty amazing. We now live somewhere a little quieter!

Since having Daisy 2.5years ago I’ve been rediscovering Castlethorpe. Taking Daisy to all the places I used to play and explore. Apart from the huge amount of houses that have been built there now it’s still a beautiful, small, village and I still very much love it.

I know the place so well, I thought I’d share some of my favourite things to do when I go back and visit so you can enjoy Castlethorpe too.


We have two Parks, one is really big with a zip wire and large slide. A slide which I can barely get my butt down but it’s a brilliant tall slide.

It’s next to a large field with two trees. One has a rope swing attached to it occasionally. You can find the details of this Park here.

There is an impressive field in Castlethorpe called Castle field. For that very reason – there used to be a Castle there. Left over are some rather large mounds where the motte would have been around the Castle. These mounds are very steep so you’ll need to be careful but Daisy enjoys running around in this field and I used to as a child too. Attached to this field is a Church. If you visit this field, ask your children to spot the large metal Knight.

Here’s a link if you’re interested in the history of the Castle.

At the back of the field there’s a Sports Ground with Tennis Court, Football Pitch and Cricket Pitch. There is also a few pieces of outside exercise equipment.

The easiest way to access this field is to park by the Village Hall using postcode MK19 7EU. There’s no carpark but you should be able to park safely opposite near where the old Pub is.

Walk down the side of the Village Hall to access the field. Or walk up the road with the hall on your right. Once you reach the Village shop on your left, you’ll see a gate on the right directly opposite. This might be more of a buggy friendly option.

It’s worth noting that there are sometimes sheep in this field.

We have our very own little library. It’s opposite the Village hall so use the same parking details as above. It’s fairly new but has lots of books inside to borrow or exchange. I’ve borrowed two books so far and will pop them back soon. We also donated two other books for people to enjoy. It’s a great asset to the village.

You might wonder why I’m including the Village Shop in my blog BUT I can assure you, Deena who runs the shop with her husband Udi makes the most delicious homemade Indian curries and Samosas. As some of you know, I have gestational (pregnancy) Diabetes and these curries have little to no effect on my blood sugar so I’ll be buying them as my take away treats. Deena makes them all fresh, from scratch. They’re delicious. They come in Mild, Medium and Hot. I find the Mild almost like an Indian stew. The Medium has some lovely flavors to it and the Hot is my favourite although it’s intense, I’d say hotter than a Jalfreizi! She makes Chicken, Lamb and Veg, they do sell fast particularly on the weekends so I have been known to call in advance. Sometimes there will be side dishes and rice too.

Use postcode MK19 7EU, it’s just before the junction and it’s set back a little. The building is made of limestone and has a postbox and vegetable stand outside. You can’t miss it.


When I described Newport Pagnells River Beach as a Beach people got the hump! To me it’s a River Beach. There’s a stretch of river that during summer is fairly shallow with a muddy, sandy bank. I spent many years dipping my feet in this stretch of water. It’s a super peaceful place to sit and watch time go by.

Every two years there is a huge event hosted there called The Duck Race. It’s a brilliant event with stalls, dog shows and more. The next event takes place on May 31st 2020. There is a Facebook invite here.

The River Tove Beach is easy to access on the day of the event but any other time it can be a little tricky. It’s not buggy friendly but it is manageable with help. There is also Cows and Sheep in the fields at various times during the year.

If you want to visit the lovely secluded stretch of river then I’ve written a blog here.

On South Street there is a little field and in that field is the cutest little Donkey and a few Shetland Ponies. They are owned by people in the village and are well cared for. Daisy loves it when we walk past the animals, they’re beautiful to look at. You’ll often find people from the village feeding them Carrots.

Edit - The Donkey has been re-homed.

To see the animals use postcode MK19 7EL. It’s not a very big street so you’ll soon spot them. Again there is no designated parking so be mindful of residents.


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